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Re: mentors for new maintainers

>>"Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

Jim> Why don't we go a step further.  Every new maintainer gets
Jim> assigned a mentor.  We designate somebody to "draft" the existing
Jim> maintainers for mentor duty, and to do the matchmaking.

	You belittle the activity of mentoring by implying that it is
 something you can draft any maintainer to do, as though this is a
 help desk. Even help desks can't be manned well that way, and I think
 mentoring (like teaching) is a skill, that not all technically
 competent people have. Forcing people into mentoring is a bad idea,
 and the result shall be shoddy service. 

	I think mentoring has to be a volunteer service. If you want
 help desks, call them help desks.


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