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Re: mentors for new maintainers

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> Igor Grobman <igor@digicron.com> writes:
> > > 	I'll volunteer. Having a mentor with whom one has a one-on-one
> > >  relationship does not mean there can't be a mailing list. I just
> > >  think that a direct relationship can be more beneficial.
> > 
> > That just about sums up my view.
> Why don't we go a step further.  Every new maintainer gets assigned
> a mentor.  We designate somebody to "draft" the existing maintainers
> for mentor duty, and to do the matchmaking.

What I want to do is make sure that every new maintainer gets assigned a 
mentor, but I don't want to "draft" mentors from all existing maintainers, 
only draft from those who volunteered to be a mentor.  It looks like I have 
just about enough people to get started.

Should I take this as your intention to be a mentor? :-)

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