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Re: ppp2.3.1

> # Require the peer to authenticate itself before allowing network
> # packets to be sent or received.
> # Please do not disable this setting. It is expected to be standard in
> # future releases of pppd. Use the call option (see manpage) to disable
> # authentication for specific peers.
> #auth
> ...even tho it said not to.  my question is, what problems will having
> commented this out cause for me, if any?

None probably.

The reason for it is that you should have to explicitly disable the 
authentication for those peers that don't do is, so that you don't 
inadvertently allow anyone that feels like it to dial up your machine and 
start ppp without authentication (mgetty can invoke pppd automatically, for 

Instead, you should leave this setting as it is, and either specify noauth in 
the /etc/ppp/peers/<sitename> file, or on the command line (Note: command line 
only allowed as root)

Cheers, Phil.

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