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ppp 2.3.1-2 problem

Before upgrade, chat said "connect 33600".
But after upgrade to ppp 2.3.1-2, chat say "connect 9600" for all
my connections with my ISP or other computers.

I use the same init string for the modem and when I dial with minicom,
I have "connect 33600".

I downgrade ppp to 2.2.0f-23. I use the same config and chat work good.

Is chat broken into 2.3.1-2 ?
And someone could say me where I could download the last 2.2.0f package, 
It's out from debian.org.

Also ppp 2.3.1-2 don't have pppstats. I'll send a bug report for this point.
   David Rocher, rocher@mail.dotcom.fr 
   ANRTT - Linux CULTe, http://www.anrtt.univ-inpt.fr/

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