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YADW (Yeat another dpkg wishlist)

Here is my top worries with dpkg.

Dpkg really, really needs depedency sorted unpack/configuring. Having to
say to our users that the install will work fine, just redo n times the
install and configure several times isn't any good publicity for debian.
Circular Depedencies are a problem, but they can be worked out. We could
also stop fiddling with pre-depends stuff.

Another problem occurs when upgrading:

Suppose we have package foo which depends on bar version x
now the users finds the a new version of foo that depends on bar x+1
hey cool, he/she says and makes a dpkg -i which will nicely unpack bar, but
the configuring will fail when dpkg checks for depedencies.
Leaving the package foo in unusable state. In the worst case the entire
machine is left unusable.

If dpkg would check depencies and sort install order before unpacking,
both problems would be history (supposing we can invent a bulletproof
way to check circular depencies). 

Riku Voipio, Just my 2p

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