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Re: US Debian Crypto Policy - Possible solution?

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997 17:38:32 +0000 (   ), Manong Dibos wrote:

>Does this mean you arent going to host the non-US stuff on your ftp
>mirror?  I was hoping to have a good mirror to download it all from.

No....as part of that list of available download sites, I would like to put anyone that 
is willing to host it. The disclamer will make it all clear. At that point it's purely a 
matter of who wants to be listed in the wrapper, and the end user choosing who 
they want to DL from.

As for a 'good' mirror, my connectivity is not the best it could be right now. At 
most I could only serve just the crypto packages (not all of debian) and depending 
on traffic may have to restrict DL rates. But I WILL do it.....just don't expect 
fireworks during the DL  : >

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