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Re: Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

On 7 Oct 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Fabrizio" == Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@icenet.fi> writes:
> Fabrizio> Someone else suggested a /usr/sbin/mda wrapper installed by
> Fabrizio> each mda's package using the usual alternative method. You
> Fabrizio> could agree on its interface in sendmail.cf; something like
> Fabrizio> that:
> Fabrizio> sendmail.cf:
> >> A=/usr/sbin/mda $g $h $u
> Fabrizio> and deliver's mda :
> >> deliver -r $1 $3
> Fabrizio> while procmail's mda:
> >> procmail -Y -a $2 -d $3
> 	Sounds good to me. Shall we call for a general ratification of
>  the proposal, followed by a 5 day discussion period, followed by a
>  RFV, followed by a period for voting, and another 5 day discussion
>  period before inclusion into the policy?

Nice said :-) No, I think this is too much. 

It would be nice if someone could provide me with some text I can include
in the policy manual. (I don't know enough about MDAs so I don't think I'd
be the right author for this.) After I got the text, I'll include it in my
POLICY WEEKLY postings for approval.



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