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Re: Sendmail with deliver, procmail, or mailagent?

> So write a tiny C program that does the same thing as the tiny shell
> script.  It wouldn't be that difficult and the overhead would be
> greatly lessened.

It is still, however, an unnecessary overhead for each local mail
delivery, and it may prevent the MDA's error recovery from working
properly.  This seems an unnecessary penalty.

The two MDAs are not quite interchangable.  Instead sendmailconfig
creates an optimal configuration for each one, involving only one

This removal problem is not just limited to the two MDAs, either --
sendmail can be configured to require ifmail (the FIDO mailer) or
mgetty-fax or hylafax for proper operation.  There does not seem to be
a way to prevent this outside of the prerm-script checks that Scott
Ellis is coordinating.

Sendmail is an "extra" program, not recommended as the standard Debian
MTA.  Hopefully an administrator who needs its power will avoid
configuring it to use a supplemental package, and then removing that

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