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Re: Upgrading the kernel without rebooting?

Yann Dirson wrote:
> However, I've read several times that it was good practice to reboot a
> UN*X system every several monthes, to help it stay in good health...
> I never saw any precise arguments for this, though, and it looks like
> the joke about the computer scientist saying about a car having a
> breakdown no mechanist could diagnose ``Just step out the car, close
> the doors, reopen them, step in: now, it should start''.
> In clear, probably we should 
> 1. list all types of problems that caused people saying ``reboot every
>    X monthes''; 
> 2. make sure a Linux system *can* ignore this advice (ie. run a
>    year or so without a need to reboot); 

I've personally ran a machine that lasted 412 days without a reboot, and
the only reason it was taken down was because we hade to move it.


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