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Re: Upgrading the kernel without rebooting?

Jim Pick writes:
 > Still, I think it may be theoretically possible.  The kernel just resides
 > in a chunk of memory -- it could be smart enough to just swap out the old
 > code and swap in the new code bit by bit.  (of course there would have to
 > be mechanisms for cleanly shutting down/re-initializing modules 
 > and shuffling around data structures when needed -- it would need something
 > like an in-process dpkg with postinst/prerm procs)
 > I'd bet Linux will be the first to implement this.  :-)

Yes, technically, it would surely be challenging, and a nice stuff
when it gets done.

However, I've read several times that it was good practice to reboot a
UN*X system every several monthes, to help it stay in good health...

I never saw any precise arguments for this, though, and it looks like
the joke about the computer scientist saying about a car having a
breakdown no mechanist could diagnose ``Just step out the car, close
the doors, reopen them, step in: now, it should start''.

In clear, probably we should 

1. list all types of problems that caused people saying ``reboot every
   X monthes''; 
2. make sure a Linux system *can* ignore this advice (ie. run a
   year or so without a need to reboot); 
3. start do the work and have fun...

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