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Re: Sendmail with deliver, procmail, or mailagent?

On 8 Oct 1997, Carey Evans wrote:

> Scott Ellis <storm@gate.net> writes:
> > netgod and I are concerned about the possiblity of adding an extra script
> > between sendmail and procmail/deliver may introduce an additional point of
> > failure and possible mail loss between sendmail and the MDA (when the
> > process table is full for instance).  But if all we need to worry about is
> > procmail and deliver, it seems that making them aware of sendmail is good
> > enough.
> How do you know it's *just* procmail and deliver?  For that matter, if
> qmail ever got packaged and wanted to use procmail and/or deliver for
> local delivery, they'll need to be updated to check /etc/init.d/qmail
> for how qmail is invoked.

Because those are the 2 I'm aware of.  I've been assured tha mailagent
should be invoked by a .forward file and will therefore need another MDA.
All the other mailers in debian use an internal MDA and can't be broken by
removal or procmail, etc.

My primary concern here is that spawning an extra shell process for each
mail delivery increases mail delivery overhead dramatically.  I'd prefer
sendmail's current knowledge of what it is delivering to, so it can
support its features directly.  Thinking about it, I believe deliver and
procmail need slightly different feature listings for sendmail, which
would make a generic script even more sub-optimal.

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