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Re: Timestamp


	I have often wanted to know exactly what Packages I updated on
 my upgrade blitz on the 10 of sept (or there abouts)? What packages
 did I update the week before?

	If my machine has been acting funny for a couple of weeks, I
 want to know what all packages have changed.

	For curiousity, I wold also like to know what circa nethack is
 available in Hamm. I know the version number, I also know that the
 Packages file was updated 30 minutes ago. Does that tell me if we
 have a circa 1995 nethack or not? (I haven't really been keeping
 track of nethack).

	See what I mean?

	We need time stamps.

	A time stamp at package build time (extracted from and hence
 identical to the timestamp in the changelog file).

	A time stamp at install/delete time in the status file for an
 audit trail.

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