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Re: Timestamp

>>"Sue" == Sue Campbell <sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca> writes:

>> > I was thinking about a per-package timestamp, not one for the
>> distribution as a whole.

Sue> Check the packages section of the web pages. At the bottom of
Sue> each page is the date it was last modified. This is generally a
Sue> good indicator of when the package was last updated in the
Sue> distribution.

	Ok, then. When was make on your machine updated? (no fair
 peeking at /usr/doc/make/changelog.gz) How about a package you do not
 have installed? when was angband updated? (I know the version number,
 but how old is version 282? what about version 194?)

	I think that is what he wanted in the Packages file.

	I confess to wanting to know this kind of information, too,
 from time to time.

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