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Re: Program to read M$ word and Excel stuff

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, David Welton wrote:

> Are there any free Debian programs to read these formats?
> Barring that, what commercial ones exist?
> Hmmmm I really don't like commercial programs..  is there any kind of spec
> for either of these?  Maybe I'll hack something out in perl to at least
> translate them to something real.

>From my experience, even commercial programs can only convert older
formats (i.e. the current Wordperfect can handle the current word and vise
versa). With spreadsheets, if they are not too complicated, you can save
it in an old format or even wk1 (Lotus 123) and then go from there with
commercial or free software. There are a couple of very good commercial
linux spreadsheets available. As for Word, perhaps Framemaker? Cheers.

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