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Re: RPM (Was Re: Deity project schedule problems)

clameter@miriam.fuller.edu (Christoph Lameter) writes:

> Switching to RPM and putting the necessary additional functionality
> into it would get rid of the whole baggage we have to carry around now.
> Plus it would get us out of the corner we have backed into and help us
> to rejoin the mainstrem linux hackers. Potentially this will result in
> more maintainers and thus a better distribution. RedHat is quite easy
> to compete with I would think. I have the impression that chaos is
> reigning in the RPM world. Our structure would help bring stability into
> that situation.
Basically i'm repeating here what i wrote in a posting yesterday:
There has been quite some discussion about the doubtful merits of RPM
packages taken from different distributions in the German Linux
newsgroups.  A major local Linux distribution very widespread in
Germany nameed "S.u.S.E." has switched to RPM with their latest
release "5.0".  Obviously people have serious troubles installing RPM
packages from Redhat on SuSE and vice versa because of small but
effective differences in the specific packages which are each tailored
for a specific Linux system.  So it looks like in the end it is no
real solution using the same complicated packaging format (like RPM
definitely is) without further standardizations among different
distributions.  Therefore i see it as an advantage to stick to
Debian's own packaging format for sake of maintaining a stable
integrity of our distribution of choice.

                                   Thank you, P. *8^)
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