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Dpkg-shlibdeps and libc5/6

Uhoh, looks like dpkg-shlibdeps is a real mess with -dev and -altdev 
Many libc6 library packages provide two shlibs files (one with the 
libc6 package, the other with the libc5 compatbility package).
The result is a mess when using dpkg-shlibdeps.

I suggest that libc5 packages still provide .shlibs file and libc6 
library packages provide .shlibs6 (or the other way around).
Then we could patch dpkg-shlibdeps to search for .shlibs packages 
when there is at least a dependency on libc5 and .shlibs6 when 
there's a dependency on libc6.

What do the others think ?
Obviously, it will break if an executable or library is not linked 
with libc5 or libc6. But I still haven't see one... :-)


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