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Re: Good grief ! Re: Deity project schedule problems

On Tue, 23 Sep 97 11:36 BST, Ian Jackson wrote:

>Having people with responsibility for particular areas is one thing,
>but having people being other peoples `managers' and taking their
>technical and political decisions for them is not going to be
>conducive to good atmosphere in this project.

I think this part of the discussion belongs on the dissent list.

>What we should be talking about now is:
>Do we wait with 2.0 for Deity ?  My answer would be `no', which means
>something needs to be done in the meantime.  We should implement
>something like  the `pre-selected list' schemes being discussed in
>the technical branch of this thread.

If anyone cares what I think (and I'm sure no one does) I'd leave dselect pretty 
much as it is, and focus all efforts on a perfect deity. I hate dselect, but it does 
work, and for the most part is unproblematic. Hacking something together 
screams of a good way to create new bugs, incompatibilities, or a more 
diffficult transition over to the new system.
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