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Re: debstd-like tool for those who don't want to use debmake

Good idea. You are right about the monolithic part. Lately debmake gets difficult
to maintain. Another issue it the problem that debstd is a shell script. There are
certain limitation to what you can do with a shell script and it might be good to
have the stuff coded in perl or C.

One problem I see is the handling of the thing: I tried to make debmake
as simple as possible for beginners. It seems that this scheme will require
some maintainance of debian/rules. Maybe you can offer
some conversion tools and a deb-make like debianizing tool as well?

Also how can you make sure that debian/rules will be updated if you
release a new version of your tools with enhanced functionality? With the
one call to debstd
in debian/rules, upgrading the functionality is easy by replacing debstd.
With a more complicated scheme one needs to have some automatism to update

: I'm writing this message to see if anyone thinks this idea is worth
: pursuing. I'm interested to know if any of you thinks this shows promise,
: and you might use the finished version in your packages. So please write
: back and let me know if you like how it looks. At this point, it's just a
: prototype with many features of debstd missing, and I need to know if I
: should keep working on it.

I would use it if it addresses the needs in my packages better and if
removes some of the limitations of debstd.

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