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Re: The rxvt copyright

>>>>> Regarding Re: The rxvt copyright; Charles Briscoe-Smith
>>>>> <cpb4@ukc.ac.uk> adds:

    Charles> I have been in touch with John Bovey, the author of xvt
    Charles> (from which rxvt was derived) and he is happy to change
    Charles> the licence terms to allow commercial distribution.

Excellent!  Thanks.

    Charles> Would you please look at the following, which is the
    Charles> licence I suggested he use, and confirm that it complies
    Charles> with the DFSG?  I'm pretty sure it does; I'd like a
    Charles> second opinion, though.  It's basically a slightly less
    Charles> wordy version of the BSD licence.

It looks good to me.  I believe that it satisfies all nine criteria
for free software outlined in the Debian Policy Manual.  If nobody
expresses a complaint about the new licence, I'll contact the rxvt
development team (yes, there really is a development team now for
rxvt; see http://babayaga.math.fu-berlin.de/~rxvt) and ask them
whether the next version of rxvt can be released under this licence.

    Charles> Incidentally, is there any particular reason why most
    Charles> licences SHOUT their disclaimer of warranty at you?  Does
    Charles> it have any legal significance?

I guess they do it to distinguish it from the stuff in lowercase -- that
is, "the fine print."


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