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Re: Tetris trademark infringement

[ I don't think this belongs on the security mailing list. ]

Robert A. Bruce wrote:
> I just got a nasty letter from a lawyer about the Tetris trademark.
> They are upset about files on our ftp server, ftp.cdrom.com.  Many of
> the files are in the Debian mirror.
> You should delete these files.  We have temporarily disabled the mirroring,
> so as soon as these are deleted, please send email and we will re-enable the
> mirror.
> Anything using the word "Tetris" should go.  If they are checking our
> ftp-site, they are probably checking others, so if you can get your site
> cleaned up before they get to it, it will save you some legal hassles.
> debian/bo/binary-i386/games/xtetris_2.6-4.deb
> debian/bo/msdos-i386/games/xtetris.deb
> debian/bo/source/games/xtetris_2.6.orig.tar.gz
> debian/bo/source/games/xtetris_2.6-4.diff.gz
> debian/bo/source/games/xtetris_2.6-4.dsc
> debian/hamm/hamm/binary-m68k/games/xtetris_2.6-3.deb
> debian/hamm/hamm/binary-i386/games/xtetris_2.6-4.deb
> debian/hamm/hamm/source/games/xtetris_2.6-4.diff.gz
> debian/hamm/hamm/source/games/xtetris_2.6-4.dsc
> debian/hamm/hamm/source/games/xtetris_2.6.orig.tar.gz

I'm the maintainer of this package and most other tetris-like packages in
debian. Well, what should we do? This package is free, it is not derived
from a non-free tetris in any way I know of. It also apprears on many other
public places like ftp.x.org. 

Should I rename the package? What about all the other packages that have
"tetris" in their description somewhere? A quick grep of my available file

Description: 3-D tetris like game
 A 3-D game similar to blockout or tetris.
Description: tetris for X
 Single player tetris for X.
Description: not just another tetris clone
 Another tetris-like falling blocks game. Although it
Description: client-server multiplayer X tetris
 sail, snake, tetris, trek, wargames, worm, worms, wump
 This version of tetris supports single player mode, or 2 player
 Hexagonal pieces give this version of tetris a new twist.
 kscreensaver, ktetris, kview, and kvt

Should all that be changed to "te*ris" or something?

see shy jo

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