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Re: FTP site organization

>> My problems stem mostly from what "Filename:" value is in the "Packages"
>> file.
>It is not obvious to me what you are trying to fix. Please explain:
>        1. What is wrong now?
>        2. How will this fix it?

The problems I'm trying to fix is one of consistancy.  Each distribution
has had a different structure and each FTP site has a different structure
such that using them together via dselect of dftp is difficult.

>> [1] note that contrib is to merged into non-free since it has been pointed
>> out that it is largely redundant
>You missed the end of the debate and the policy statement that came out
>of it. Please drop this point from your proposal. Contrib really does
>something useful now. Note the following fragment from the policy statement.

Apparently so.  I've been extremely busy for the past few weeks.  I'll
withdraw this.

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