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Re: FTP site organization

From: Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com>
> My problems stem mostly from what "Filename:" value is in the "Packages"
> file.

It is not obvious to me what you are trying to fix. Please explain:
	1. What is wrong now?
	2. How will this fix it?

> [1] note that contrib is to merged into non-free since it has been pointed
> out that it is largely redundant

You missed the end of the debate and the policy statement that came out
of it. Please drop this point from your proposal. Contrib really does
something useful now. Note the following fragment from the policy statement.

>   2. The contrib section
>   Every package in "contrib" must have a license complying with the DFSG.
>   Examples of packages which would be included in "contrib" are
>      - free packages which require "contrib", "non-free", or "non-US"
>        packages or packages which are not in our archive at all for
>        compilation or execution,
>      - wrapper packages or other sorts of free accessories for
>        non-free programs,
>      - packages which we don't want to support because they are too
>        buggy, and 
>      - packages which fail to meet some other policy requirements in
>        a serious way.
>   3. The non-free section
>   "Non-free" contains packages which are not compliant with the DFSG
>   or which are encumbered by patents or other legal issues that make
>   their distribution problematic. 
>   All packages in "non-free" must be electronically distributable across
>   international borders.


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