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Re: FTP site organization

> ftp/pub/debian/
> 	stable -> dists/stable
> 	frozen -> dists/frozen
> 	unstable -> dists/unstable
> 	dists/stable		(symlink to current stable distribution)
> 	dists/frozen		(symlink to current frozen distribution)
> 	dists/unstable		(symlink to current development distribution)
> 	dists/<dist>/		(actual location of distribution files)
> 		main/		(main distribution files)
> 		non-free/	(non free distribution files [1])
> 		non-US/		(non US distribution files [2])

Isn't this basically what we have now?  (except for the non-US stuff)

Of course, the locations for bo shouldn't be changed.

> - All "Packages" files will give the "Filename:" field relative start with
>   "dists/...".

Shouldn't the Filename: be relative to the Packages file?
> [1] note that contrib is to merged into non-free since it has been pointed
>     out that it is largely redundant

I don't think that was the general consensus.  I think 'contrib' is for 
DFSG stuff that depends on non-free stuff.  The policy manual is pretty
clear now.


 - Jim

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