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Re: Temporary file policy

Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> writes:

> 	Suggested fix: add an argument with the directory where you
> want the temp file created, in order to create temporate uniq files in
> /etc, for example.

There is such an argument:

femto[~]$ tempfile --help
Usage: tempfile [OPTION]
Create a temporary file in a safe manner.

-d, --directory=DIR  place temporary file in DIR
-p, --prefix=STRING  set temporary file's prefix to STRING
-m, --mode=MODE      open with MODE instead of 0666
-n, --name=FILE      use FILE instead of tempnam(3)
    --help           display this help and exit
    --version        output version information and exit

The --directory is overriden by the env variable TMPDIR, so you ought
to unset that before calling it.


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