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Re: Experimental base-passwd redesign

Tom Lees wrote:

> Could it go in the "debianutils" package?

I don't maintain debianutils.  I'd like to keep it in something I
maintain, so I'm afraid it's going to stay in base-passwd indefinitely.

> > The master copies of passwd and group currently live in
> > /usr/lib/base-passwd/.  Is there a better place to put them?
> > /usr/share, perhaps?
> Yes, /usr/share would be better.

Come to think of it, it would.  I'll move them.

> > Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten when hot dog buns come in
> > packages of eight?
> Wasn't it hot dogs come in packs of eight, and buns in packs of
> twelve? :)

I don't have that Animaniacs on tape, so I can't be sure, but I think it
was ten and eight.


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