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Experimental base-passwd redesign

The new and improved base-passwd I've been promising people for ages has
now arrived.  As I said in -devel-changes, this package may be filled
with horrible and subtle traps, so don't install it unless you mean it.

I consider very little in the new design to be set in stone.  In fact,
there are already several points I feel uncertain about, and wanted to
bring up.  Your opinions, feedback, comments, and flames will all be
appreciated.  (Well, not the flames.)

update-passwd is a C program, making the base-passwd package no longer
architecture-independent.  Another option would be to separate
update-passwd into its own package, leave only the {passwd,group}.master
files in base-passwd, and have the base-passwd postinst only call
update-passwd if it sees it installed.  The problem with that is it
creates package bloat (two packages instead of one) and may just not be
worth it.

The master copies of passwd and group currently live in
/usr/lib/base-passwd/.  Is there a better place to put them?
/usr/share, perhaps?

update-passwd is in /usr/sbin.  Is it important enough to put in /sbin?

Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten when hot dog buns come in
packages of eight?


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