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xlib6g/xpm4 fun

I upgraded to xlib6g this morning - and it nuked my fvwm2 (mixed libc5/libc6
libraries, of course).  Arrrgh.

So I set about the task of recompiling fvwm2 for libc6.

I needed to install the xpm libs out of Incoming.  That was quite a challenge.

I had to use dpkg --auto-deconfigure to install the new xpm4 package in
place of the xpm4.7 package - breaking a bunch of packages in the process
(it conflicted even though xpm4 has a 'Provides: xpm4.7').

I think I broke: netscape4 (I reinstalled it with --force-depends)
     + jdk1.1-dev, jdk1.1-runtime, jdk-static, gimp, xemacs20, fvwm95,
       fvwm2, afterstep, wine and wmaker

I got the rest of the xpm packages to install (except for xpm-bin, below),
and fvwm2 compiled cleanly.  (whew)

The I couldn't configure the packages that broke because they depended on 
xpm4.7 -- the xpm4 package has a 'Provides: xpm4.7', so I'm
unsure why this is happening.  Perhaps because the dependencies usually
include a version number (ie. 'Depends: xpm4.7 (>= 3.4g-0)').

I used 'dpkg --configure --pending --force-depends' to reconfigure all those

Anyways, everything seems OK now.  But this definitely isn't a smooth
upgrade.  I'd file bugs, but I'm not sure where to lay blame.

Also, it looks like my jdk1.1 packages end up being dynamically linked to
libc5 and libc6 libraries, so they dump core.  Am I supposed to use LD_PRELOAD 
(since I can't recompile)?


 - Jim

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