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Subtle problem with dpkg-source

I have finally built a libc6 development system and started working on my
packages in preperation for 2.0 and things have gone pretty smoothly. I'm
using the version of dpkg and, asside from the interminable
messages about not having utmp entries, things worked well till the m4

When dpkg-source ran it gave the following error:

 dpkg-source -b m4-1.4
no utmp entry available, using value of LOGNAME ("root") at
/usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 16.
dpkg-source: error: per-package paragraph 2 in control info file is
missing Package line

Now, I did edit the control file, but not the section that finally turned
out to be the problem, so this worked last year ;-)

Obviously, or maybe not, there is no second package for this build and no
second paragraph in the control file. What apparently triggered this error
was the three trailing carriage returns after the description.

I can see why this might trigger the error, but it would be better (maybe)
if it didn't. As I read the specs, failure to find a Package: xxx line is,
by definition, a signal that there are no additional package built by this
source. At the very least this should be a warning, not an error.

Klee, should I submit a bug report, or am I the one that is buggy?

BTW, removing the excess two returns allowed the build to continue
successfully. This is an artifact of the need for, at least, one bare
return at the end of every file in the debian directory, or diff would
fail. As a result I would go through all of the files there and add a
return if I got this error. (apparently resulting in the excess returns on
the control file)

Waiting is,

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