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Re: What's happening to my dpkg-source?

On Aug 28, Lalo Martins decided to present us with:
> I am using dpkg-source, libc6 (maybe it's the dreaded perl/libc6
> bug? I have perl from bo still, that's 5.003.07-10)
> Now I can make source packages allright, but can't restore them:
> lalo(08:21)~/temp/circuit.tmp> dpkg-source -x enlightenment-circuit_0.12-1.dsc
> dpkg-source: extracting enlightenment-circuit in enlightenment-circuit-0.12
> shell-init: could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories
> patch: **** can't find .dpkg-orig
> dpkg-source: failure: patch gave error exit status 1
> zsh: exit 11    dpkg-source -x enlightenment-circuit_0.12-1.dsc
> This happens for any package: the ones I made, those in the bo cd and those
> I got from ftp (hamm).

Sorry for the quote, but most people won't remember my old post likely.

I've found out this is a bug in dpkg-source, at least with the "patch" I

>            exec('patch','-s','-t','-F','0','-N','-p1','-u',
>                 '-V','never','-b','-z','.dpkg-orig');

'.dpkg-orig' is the suffix to give to original files; it must IMEDIATTLY
follow '-b'. As it is, it tries to give a '-z' suffix to original files and
open a file named ".dpkg-orig" for patching.

I will try with the "patch" in hamm. If it doesn't work (what I believe it
won't), I will report a bug.

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