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Questions Please

Hi friends of Debian

I work with networking and I am writing a book about Linux, could you
give some informations ?
because I would like your opinion to put in my book.

question one:

Now that the name Linux is registrated, will it change something for you
or the future of the LInux ?

question two:

what is the future of Linux in your opinion ?  What its situation now ?

question three:

Which are your favorites sites about Linux ?

question four:

Tell me two advantage point of your version (distribution) that are
better than another distribution ? 

question five:

could you send the photo of the team who works with your version ?

thank you

Heverton Anunciacao                         Brasilia - Sao Paulo -

Consultor em Tecnologias da Informacao / Analista de Sistemas / Escritor
IT Consulting / System analyst / Writer

www.americasnet.com/heverton      The life is too short to drink bad

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