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Linux Router Project - Initial beta release now available.

After much work I have just made the first beta available.
It is dubbed a developers release, but it is very much a usable product for 
anyone that needs to build a router/terminal server now. 
(I'm using it in my equivalent to a Portmaster 2e)

What has been made is a networking capable minimal root fs that fits on most 
any small boot medium. (including a 1.44mb floppy!) Once made the boot 
medium is self contained and upgradable, using a unique work around that 
allows us to keep the root fs in multpile tgz's instead of the typicial boot disk 
style of having a single, unmodifiable binary image.

The base distribution for this release has been Debian 1.3.1.?, and I have 
managed to keep the full sysvinit and layout 99% Debian.  

Now that this base is done we will begin implententing snmp and web based 
configuration. The root already contains telnetd and tftpd support. (We could 
sure use more people...join the mailing list!)

You can download the current beta via web or ftp:
ftp.psychosis.com /pub/linux-router/

http://www.psychosis.com/emc/		Elite MicroComputers   908-541-4214
http://www.psychosis.com/linux-router/	Linux Router Project

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