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Re: trouble making a package

Will Lowe wrote:

> Ok.  I've got the source unzipped in /usr/local/debian/clisp_1997.08.07-1
> (for clisp_1997.08.07 package,  1st revision).  If I cd into that
> directory and run deb-make,  tho,  I get
> Illegal package name clisp_1997.08.07. Must be lowercase letters and
> digits, . and : .

If you're using deb-make, the directory name must be the source
package name and version, separated with a dash, not an underscore.
Thus: clisp-1997.08.07

> 	Clues?  Also,  as I understand it,  the idea is to *not* change in
> any way the Makefiles,  except to modify the clisp_whatever/debian/rules
> makefile,  right?

That's up to you.  Sometimes a small change to the Makefile makes the
package easier to maintain.

In general, the more you change, the harder it will be to integrate
new upstream changes.  But on the other hand, the more you put into
the debian/rules file, the more hidden assumptions you will have made
about the package, and those can bite you later.

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