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Re: building packages for contrib

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Giuliano Procida wrote:

> Hello.
> I've been working on packaging up VICE (Commodore emulation). The
> policy manual is not too clear on whether distribution it with dummy
> ROM images means it should go into contrib or not.

The question is whether the license complies with the DFSG. If not, it has
to go to non-free (if we can distribute it at all).

> However, my immediate problem is how to get things working for contrib. 
> The current packaging manual mentions Distribution, but dpkg doesn't
> like that. What should I do (in control, changelog and elsewhere) to
> build a package for upload into hamm/contrib/*/foobar ?

AFAIK, you have to set "Section: contrib/otherosfs" and keep "unstable" as
target distribution in debian/changelog. 

You can send me a private mail if you need more infos.



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