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Re: trouble making a package

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Will Lowe wrote:

> I'm packaging clisp for "hamm". ... I had a package set up and uploaded,
> and it's recently come to my attention that I've probably made a few
> mistakes,  so I was just going to repackage it and upload the new files
> maybe tomorrow.  Here's my questions:
> 	1) The newest version of Clisp is labelled 1997-08-07.  It doesn't
> have major/minor revision numbers.  I know that there has been at least
> one major release before this;  should I just (for the purposes of dpkg,
> etc.) declare that this is version 2.0 and number future releases this
> way?

No. I would call the package "clisp" and set the version number to
"1997.08.07-1". Please don't use dashes (-) in the upstream version number
since they'll screw up dpkg. Please don't use "2.0-1", since the upstream
author might call a future revision 2.0. Dpkg does not have problems with
version numbers like dates.

> 	2) Apparently the last time I ran deb-make,  it didn't generate a 
> clisp_*_i386.changes file.  Would I have done something wrong?

deb-make just sets everything up for you. You have to compile the package
(using `build', for example) to get the changes file.

Feel free to ask, if you need more infos.



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