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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

(A new name idea: tgfkat -- The game formerly known as t*tr*s. I like it
because it's somewhat pronouncible, and starts with `t'.)

Jim Pick wrote:
> Well I can't see why we can't call a certain program a "tetris-like"
> program in the short or long description.

Can we? This is the type of thing I think we need legal counsel on.

> A case could probably be made in court that the word "Tetris" is in common
> use and is the best way to describe such a game.  The problem is that the
> name "Tetris" is trademarked and heavily licensed.  Obviously, the trademark
> holders are willing to harass people over it.  So it would it would take
> megabucks to wrestle the trademark away from them.   
> They've challenged us -- I don't think it's worth a battle.  

You're probably right.

> Heck, most tetris games out the were probably written in less than a day.

Probably true, though I've spend significantly more than a day playing them.

see shy jo

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