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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

> Jim Pick wrote:
> > How about wkrfbg = well known russian falling blocks game
> You know, I like this, because it's simple to explain in the extended
> description, without mentioning the dreaded word.
> Of course, you have no chance of finding this if you're looking for tetris.
> But then, I guess that's the whole point, isn't it.

Well I can't see why we can't call a certain program a "tetris-like"
program in the short or long description.  It would be nice if dselect
would allow searching on the description field.  Of course, I always just
grep the /var/lib/dpkg/available program with some quickie little scripts
I wrote.
> But I'd really like to hear from some legal people - is there nothing
> we can do to keep the word tetris in the distribution?

A case could probably be made in court that the word "Tetris" is in common
use and is the best way to describe such a game.  The problem is that the
name "Tetris" is trademarked and heavily licensed.  Obviously, the trademark
holders are willing to harass people over it.  So it would it would take
megabucks to wrestle the trademark away from them.   

They've challenged us -- I don't think it's worth a battle.  

Heck, most tetris games out the were probably written in less than a day.


 - Jim

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