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Re: shlib files

> >    so all applications build with fakeroot will depend on libc6. 
> Well, all applictations that contain executables should depend on
> libc6 anyway. 

not if i want to build a libc5 version of a package to fix some bugs (so
it can go to bo-updates, or make it available somewhere). these packages
are designed for people running bo systems without libc6, and so they
should not depend on libc6.

> > b) the new xlibs list xlib6 (>=3.3-5) that's also not very usefull for
> >    building libc5 binary...
> I don't understand that part. what's xlibc6 got to do with libc6?
> (it's a pure libc5 package).

altdev is designed to produce binaries, that can run on bo systems.
if i use the new xlib6 binary and produce a binary with altdev, it
depends on xlib6 (>=3.3-5). that means to install this binary, bo isn't
enough : a user needs the newest xlib6 version from unstable.

> > i already removed fakeroot.shlib, but still get a libc6 dependency.
> That's because of the line marked with "->". Try building with
> fakeroot-0.0-7,[1] if I remember correctly, that one wasn't built with
> "-lc". (Oops, cannot find it in the changelog...). Also, the shilbsfile
> supplied with that version of fakeroot is incorrect, so you don't need
> to remove it (removing doesn't make any differeence).

thanks, i will try that (or compile my own fakeroot and link it static :-)


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