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shlib files


i don't understand shlib files :
a) fakeroot has a shlib file, which lists libc6. so all applications
   build with fakeroot will depend on libc6. that isn't usefull for
   buildling packages as libc5 binary...
b) the new xlibs list xlib6 (>=3.3-5) that's also not very usefull for
   building libc5 binary...

did i understand shlib files right ? 
they map a lib reported with dll to a dependency ?
i already removed fakeroot.shlib, but still get a libc6 dependency.
does someone know, where this can come from ? 

what should i do ?
 - my current solution : change these shlub files.
 - find a machine to compile that is realy libc5 
 - ???


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