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Re: /bin/sh - /bin/bash

> It could be difficult to implement a tool to analyze each script
> if it includes bash dependencies or not. I just went through a discussion
> with a few developers yesterday on irc about may be making /bin/sh
> changeable with the update-alternatives approach. /bin/sh seems to be just
> the default shell and it is unclear to me what functionality is
> guaranteed.
> /bin/bash is safe.

I'd prefer it if we went with a strict Posix compliant Bourne shell (if
one exists), and just file bugs against the offending packages.  

If somebody needs bash features, they should use #!/bin/bash.  Perhaps
somebody could point out a situation where /bin/sh really needs to be
like /bin/bash.  I can't see it.

We should make the switch soon, so we have enough time to catch bug reports
before the next major release.


 - Jim

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