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Re: /bin/sh - /bin/bash


On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> It could be difficult to implement a tool to analyze each script
> if it includes bash dependencies or not.

Nobody said it was to be made using a "magical tool".

Let's do it by hand (we may follow the "bug report method": if someone
discover a particular script that have to be #!/bin/bash, just change
*that* script).

> [ ... ]
> /bin/bash is safe.

This is a very simplistic approach.

In the past, we were using the following rules for shell scripts:

* In general, #!/bin/sh should be used.
* If some script uses bash features, it has to be #!/bin/bash.

Could it be that they were not written anywhere yet, but this is what we
were doing. Now you change an important package that breaks this
implicit policy, only to be "safe", and without discussing it in
debian-devel first.

I propose a different solution: Provide an option for debstd which allow
the user (=package maintainer) to tell it which scripts should be
#!/bin/bash (if any).

I still don't see the point in having #!/bin/bash everywhere for scripts
having a single line saying "install-info etc. etc.".

One way to implement this could be the following: Make debstd to create
#!/bin/sh scripts by default (as before), but make it to take the first
lines of an existing debian/postinst file if it does exist (i.e. if you
want a particular shell script to be #!/bin/bash, just create a file in
the debian directory with that as the first line).

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