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Re: No executables or libraries in the package!

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Enrique Zanardi wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Mark W. Blunier wrote:
> > I am trying to package a couple of programs, su1 and and
> > mlddc.  I packaged su1 without problems, but following
> > the same steps for mlddc I am unable to get any binaries
> > in the package.  I checked the documentation but I can
> > find many specifics on how deb-make, rules, and build
> > interact and what they expect to find.
> > 
> > Mark W. Blunier
> > blunier@concentric.net
> > 
> > Some output from build:
> > 
> > test -f debian/rules
> > rm -rf debian/tmp
> > install -d debian/tmp
> > cd debian/tmp && install -d `cat ../dirs`
> > make install DESTDIR=`pwd`/debian/tmp
> > make[1]: Entering directory `/debian/local/source/mlddc-3.1.8'
> > install -m 755 mlddc /usr/bin
>                        ^^^^^^^^
> There's your binary. It looks like the Makefile doesn't use DESTDIR,
> so you have two solutions:
> - Modify the Makefile to use DESTDIR. (not recommended. It's better to
> leave the original sources as "pristine" as possible)

I don't see why everyone seems to think that this is a no-no? You modify
the Makefile in the debianized source, which only shows up in the diff.
This doesn't change the "pristine source" and is a much better, general
solution. Most of the packages I maintain (all?) use some PREFIX variable
to allow the install to be targeted as desired. If they don't, they
should, and changing it for Debian will make things smoother. Notifying
the upstream maintainer of the need for such change would be a good idea
as well.


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