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Re: Is anyone packaging kerberos?

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

> > > Is anyone currently packaging kerberos at the moment (to go into non-US, of
> > > course)?
> I believe Klee Dienes is/was working on it.  But he seems to be extremely busy 
> as of late.

Sad, but true.  Fortunately I managed to finish packaging Kerberos
before the crunch hit.  I'll upload the source and binary pacakges in
my home directory (~klee/kerberos) on master.debian.org (it may take a
day or so to get them all uploaded).  Packages for both krb4 and krb5
are included.

I can't legally upload the binary packages outside of the US, but I'd
be happy if someone were to take my .diff file (which does not itself
contain any cryptographic code) and use it to build a non-US version.

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