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Re: Bug#12506: #!/bin/bash - Solaris compatibility??

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Christian Lynbech wrote:

>And debstd is after all just a suggestion. If one really hates the
>idea, it a small matter to change it. One could even consider to ask
>the user what is preferred. In fact, if debstd should really be
>compatible with non-linux platforms it should ask questions such as:

I do not intend to make debstd forcefully compatible with non-linux
platforms. If dpkg etc is ported to another Unix platform then the file
system on that platform has to be made more or less to conform to the FHS
or the whole thing will be too difficult. That is not Debian anymore.

The reason to use /bin/bash is NOT solaris but my impression that /bin/sh
is not guaranteed to be bash. Yet the scripts I see are mostly using
features which are not included in most other shells. The boot system for
ezample has ash as /bin/sh.

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