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Re: Some ideas and concerns regarding fakeroot

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> Debianizing a package often requires hacking around in Makefile to make
> the package install in debian/tmp or so. The fakeroot package is already
> messing around with the permissions of files and buiding a file index in
> ram I guess. Could we have the following functionality to avoid the
> editing of makefiles:

I like the idea, so far.

> 2. If the installation is trying to write a file to a directory where
> there are no permission to write (package is build under regular userid)
> then redirect the file into VIRTUAL_ROOT/path and create all leading
> directories. 

I'm not sure if the check for writeability is good here. Why not check for
absolute path specs here--just as for reading requests (see below).

> 3. If a file is opened for reading with an absolute path then first look
> into VIRTUAL_ROOT/path before trying to access the real path.



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