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Re: Experimental base-passwd redesign

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Erik Andersen wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 06, 1997 at 06:03:05PM -0600, Galen Hazelwood wrote:
> > update-passwd is a C program, making the base-passwd package no longer
> > architecture-independent.  Another option would be to separate
> > update-passwd into its own package, leave only the {passwd,group}.master
> > files in base-passwd, and have the base-passwd postinst only call
> > update-passwd if it sees it installed.  The problem with that is it
> > creates package bloat (two packages instead of one) and may just not be
> > worth it.
> Could your update-passwd program be easy written in perl?  That would 
> make it architecture independent, and the base Debian system already
> depends on perl.  Just a thought (i.e. not a request).

Please don't.  I find it disturbing that I have to install such a
large package as perl to get even a minimal Debian system up.  With a
little pruning, I was able to eliminate all packages depending on perl
except for dpkg-ftp.  Hopefully Diety will eliminate this dependency.

Jean Pierre

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