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Re: lambdamoo-core and lamdamoo-server virtual packages plus, moo user

When installing a new database, would it be appropriate to stash it in
/var/lambdamoo, or in /usr/lib/lambdamoo ?

BlackBriar is currently has people testing out OpalCore, so we might be
able to package that soon.  No word on an E_MOO core, Ill check that out

Apparently the r3 server crashes 10 minutes after startup:  thats why
there is an r4.  r2 has some memory leaks, but doesnt crash.

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> 1. I propose that two items be added to the virtual package list:
> lambdamoo-core		A lambdamoo - compatable database package.
> lambdamoo-server	Runs a moo using a lambdamoo-core.
> What I need this for is my lambdamoo package, which needs to 
> Recommend: lambdamoo-core so it will have a core file to use. Currently,
> there are two lambdamoo-core packages, but there is a potential for a lot
> more to be packaged.

Good :>
> 2. Running these lambdamoo servers as root (which I do now!) is not a good 
> idea. I could run them as nobody, or as daemon or some other user, or a new 
> user could be added to base-passwd. Suggestions?

(from Loft) Blackbriar would have the server run as the user who owns the
databases, so just don't make it setuid and don't put it in /etc/rc.d

I cant say I agree with that, but thats the opinion of one wizard.  I
personally like it that its all "set up" for me, without even touching
anything I get a functioning lambdamoo on my own machine.


Manong Dibos                              *elCapitanoDelBoholClub*

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