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Re: /etc/nntpserver or /etc/news/server ?

I've nosed around in the news packages to find out how they treat
these files.  I didn't get as far as a conclusion, but I can provide
a summary.

cnews, inews, inn, and innfeed all agree that /etc/news/server is
the name of the local news server.  (This need not be the local host.
For example in a networked environment where the newsserver exports
is spool via NFS, the NFS clients need to rsh to the news host to
post, or post via NNTP.)

knews expects to find the name of the nntp server in /etc/news/server.
It squirrels that name away in its .ad (application-defaults) file,
so changing /etc/news/server later will have no effect on knews.
This might be a bug.

leadnode reads /etc/news/server to get the default value for the
name of the remote server.

slrn deletes /etc/news/server if both it and /etc/nntpserver are
present, and it moves /etc/news/server to /etc/nntpserver if only
the former is present.  It uses /etc/nntpserver as the server to
pull news from.

suck uses neither file, it has its own setup and config file.

tin uses /etc/news/server as the default nntp server.  The
upstream version uses /etc/nntpserver, and the debian/rules
file changes this.

trn and nn create /etc/news/server in their postinst and store the
name of the NNTP server there.

All in all, it seems that nearly all debian packages use /etc/news/server
rather than /etc/nntpserver, but I'm not sure if they all agree on its

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