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Re: Bug system severities

On Sep 4, Ian Jackson wrote
> I wrote:
> > Severity values I propose to have are:
> > [ `critical', `grave', `normal' and `wishlist', as defined below ]
> Having looked at some of the bugs on the bug list I think it might be
> useful to have a `difficult' category:

I checked out the bug reports which I've submitted, and a number of them are
of the "for your information, here's the announcement of the updated version
of..." type. Maybe it is useful to have additional values:
- "out of date": there is a newer upstream version available. 
  This is orthogonal to the currently proposed values.
- "fyi": information for the maintainer (or future maintainer in the case of
  orphaned packages) for which regular email isn't appropriate (e.g. 
  maintainer is busy or wants to use the bugtracking system as a reminder).

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