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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

On 2 Sep 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Brandon> /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.prerm).  You mentioned something about a
> Brandon> dpkg upgrade?  What will that do?
> 	dpkg is the package that currently installs install-info;
>  changing dpkg to change the name and upgrading is the first
>  step. I'll go over my proposal in more detail, pointing out how the
>  prerm problem is handled.

Silly me, I didn't realize that dpkg provided install-info.  I should wait
until I can power this thing up before sending e-mail.

> ======================================================================
> 6.3 Details of unpack phase of installation or upgrade
>    The procedure on installation/upgrade/overwrite/disappear (ie, when
>          1. If a version the package is already installed, call 
>                % old-prerm upgrade new-version
>          2. If this gives an error (ie, a non-zero exit status), dpkg
>             will attempt instead:
>                 % new-prerm failed-upgrade old-version
> ======================================================================

The only problem is that this prevents removal of a really old package.
e.g. I'm still using popclient here.  I know it's old, but it gets the job
done, and there's not going to be an upgrade to that (everyone went to
fetchmail, and I periodically here complaints about setting it up).

> 	The conflicts with packages usingf install-info are not
>  practical. The above method shall handle it.

I didn't think it would be, I just didn't realize that dpkg provided

Considering how rare it will be for someone to install gnu's install-info
with ours while still having old packages that the want to remove (not
upgrade), I think this solution will work.


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