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Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO


  Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO
  Scott K. Ellis, storm@gate.net
  $Id: libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.sgml,v 2.4 1997/08/28 22:02:32
  storm Exp $

  1.  Introduction

  The Debian project is currently in the process of putting together the
  next release of the Debian system.  This version will utilize the new
  libc6, a replacement for the prior libc5 which includes many
  enhancements and brings the Linux C library back into sync with the
  GNU project.  We are doing this in a way to allow you to continue to
  utilize your older software by providing development and operating
  environments for both C libraries.  However, all packages in the new
  release will be linked with the new C library.  This has made it
  slightly more difficult to install packages from the unstable branch
  of our development tree into a working system.  There is a slight
  possibility of making your system unbootable in the process, this
  guide is intended to help you avoid such problems.

  1.1.  Recent Changes:

  o  Note about libc6-based e2fsck being bad for large partitions.

  o  Reorganized slightly and added more information about possible

  o  Moved ldso above libc6, incase they have an ancient ldso.

  o  Raised versions required for bash and libreadline(g)2 to the
     official maintainer versions to avoid possible version mismatch

  o  Added a note saying that allowing dselect to upgrade the listed
     packages might result in an unbootable system.

  o  Added ncurses3.0 to list of packages after realizing that
     libreadline2 depended on it.  This may not be necessary, as
     everyone should already have ncurses3.0 installed.

  1.2.  Finding updates

  The latest version of this Mini-HOWTO in HTML format should be located
  at <http://www.gate.net/~storm/FAQ/libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.html>.  The
  SGML source should also be available as libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.sgml in
  the same directory.

  1.3.  Disclaimer

  As always, this document comes with NO WARRANTY.  These comments are
  based on my personal experience and experimentation.  While this
  worked for me off a freshly installed v1.3.1 system, you mileage may
  vary.  Please send any comments or corrections to storm@gate.net.

  2.  Requirements

  2.1.  Minimum Requirements

  The minimum list of packages to install to be able to run unstable-
  branch packages is below.  Install these packages one at a time in
  exactly the order listed.  When versions are mentioned, that is a
  minimum suggested version, any later version should also be

  IMPORTANT: If you use dselect to do the initial upgrade to these
  packages, there is a very good possibility of breaking bash and
  therefore making your system unusable.

  o  ldso_1.9.5-1

  o  libc6_2.0.4-1

  o  ncurses3.0_1.9.9e-2

  o  ncurses3.4_1.9.9g-3

  o  libreadline2_2.1-4

  o  libreadlineg2_2.1-4

  o  bash_2.01-2

  2.2.  Other Suggested Packages

  These packages are not absolutely essential for the functioning of the
  packages in unstable, but are still very useful.  The new dpkg-dev may
  be necessary for unpacking source archives from unstable, and the new
  dpkg-ftp is needed if you wish to use the ftp method of dselect to
  upgrade your system to the unstable distribution.

  o  libg++272_2.7.2.5-2

  o  dpkg_1.4.0.19

  o  dpkg-dev_1.4.0.19

  o  dpkg-ftp_1.4.9

  3.  Development

  If you wish to do libc6 development, you should first purge all the
  '-dev' packages on your system, the new development system will use
  packages with the suffix '-dev' for libc6 development and '-altdev'
  for libc5 development.  You will wish to install the latest libc5
  package, and altgcc if you wish continue to do libc5 development as
  well.  Some libraries haven't been recompiled for the new libc6 yet,
  check that all your vital libraries are available before upgrading.
  Linking libc5-based libraries with libc6-based programs will have
  unpredictable results.

  4.  Concerns

  4.1.  Upgrading bash

  The package bash_2.01-1 requires that you have libreadlineg2_2.1-3 or
  greater installed.  If you install the new bash package before
  installing the new libreadlineg2, you will break your system.
  bash_2.01-2 has the appropriate predepends lines, but may not yet be
  to your mirror.

  4.2.  /sbin/e2fsck

  The e2fsck program in e2fsprogs_1.10-4 has a bug in it which will
  cause it to destroy data on partitions above 2GB in size.  The version
  in e2fsprogs_1.10-5 has fixed this bug.  IMPORTANT: If you run the
  older libc6-based e2fsck on a 2 GB or greater partition, YOU WILL LOSE

  4.3.  /usr/bin/gencat

  Note also that both the man-db and the libc6-dev packages currently
  include /usr/bin/gencat.  The version of gencat in libc6-dev has been
  reported to cause segfault problems with man-db, you may wish to
  reinstall man-db after libc6-dev if you experience these problems.

- -- 
       Scott K. Ellis        |        The reason angels can fly is that
       storm@gate.net        |         they take themselves so lightly.
                             |                -- G.K. Chesterson

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv


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